Meet the 5 craziest missions of GTA V!

GTA V is a game full of content that offers many hours of fun for its players. In addition to the main quests and other activities you easily pick up, there are also random encounters with other hidden challenges.

1. Become a member of a sect

he Epsilon Program returns to GTA V with a series of side missions involving the search for “Truth”.

To get the Truth mission , you need to go to the Epsilon website with Michael and complete a short test. Then you just have to go to the question mark that appears on your map to begin the first of eight weird missions, which include running through the desert and donating about $ 75,000 to the Program.

Finally, Michael will be bright enough to be introduced to the sect leader, reaching the final phase of the mission.

2. Help cannibals find food

One of GTA V’s most traveled secret missions is to bring “lost souls” to a group of cannibals.

After finishing the mission Nervous Ron with Trevor, you will receive a message from your assistant offering this mission. Gamespotnet From here you will find random points on the map that indicate citizens in need of help . You can then convince them to get in your car and take them to the Altruistic Worship so they can be part of the group menu.

After four offerings, Trevor himself will be kidnapped and taken to the camp. Then you’ll have to flee, killing all cannibal members, and look for four suitcases each containing $ 25,000.

3. Hunt the fierce Bigfoot

Franklin manages to take The Last One mission after completing the game at 100% . You’ll have to go to the question mark in Raton Canyon to find a Bigfoot hunter in the woods. Then he will recruit you to hunt the monster and you must chase Bigfoot on foot to win a trophy.

One of the interesting aspects of this mission is that Bigfoot has been a myth incorporated in the franchise since the GTA: San Andreas game , where there were rumors of a similar monster living somewhere on the map.

4. Fight the extraterrestrial threat

To get started on what must be the most fun of missions in GTA V , you need to drive Michael to Park Square . Then activist Barry will convince you to try his pot. Of course in doing so, Michael enters a delusional state, with strange alien creatures attacking him at random.

Fortunately, you will be armed and have access to unlimited ammo and just have to survive long enough to gain your awareness back.

5. Free America from Illegal Immigrants

In GTA V , you can join Trevor in the self-proclaimed Civil Border Patrol group in Blaine County. To do so, simply meet Josef and Joe in the Grand Senora Desert and agree to join the cause to make America free from illegal immigrants.

The player will then have to go with his new teammates looking for immigrants, inspecting properties and choosing whether or not to use force to achieve their goals.

Bonus: Save Thelma and Louise

Everyone who saw the movie Thelma & Louise wished they could have saved the protagonists in the end, and in GTA V you can do that.

On one of the gullies in the northern part of the map, between 7 and 8 pm , you will start to see police cars heading for the top of the mountain. Then two women sitting in a car with two guitars and a sombrero wait for the inevitable and, seeing the cops approaching, throw the car into the abyss .

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